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Oli Help

Brand identity for a neurodiversity organisation focused on children

Oli Help empowers parents of kids with diverse minds. The organisation helps the many parents who struggle to cope with a child’s diverse behavioural traits, by supplying tools that create a transformative impact on family life, helping the child thrive. 

The ‘Oli’ symbol becomes the mascot for the brand taking on a variety of emotions to help explain different neurodiversities to their growing community.

The symbol is paired with a toolkit of graphic shapes which literally become the building blocks to create the visual content on social media.

Work Sans has been chosen as the brand typeface for its accessible nature with clearly distinguishable letter forms, which make reading as easy as possible for the widest of audiences.

Launched in the UK and Italy simultaneously, the brand identity has been designed to effectively communicate in two languages across the website and social channels.

Oli Help

Julia Woollams

Verbal narrative
Julia Woollams
Valeria Della Rosa

Francesco Rizzo

Social media
Giulia Fea

Mental health
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