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Inventing Itineraries

Brand identity and website for bespoke travel company

Inventing Itineraries designs itineraries for their clients which mix must-see moments with off-the-beaten-track experiences, sharing an insider’s perspective based on the team’s extensive travels around Europe.


The new verbal narrative focuses on how Inventing Itineraries always adds that extra special ‘something’ to a travel itinerary which makes all their bookings truly memorable. Whether it’s popping by the palazzo wine windows hidden in the walls of Florence on the day you’re visiting the famous cathedral, or exploring the Squero di San Trovaso chalet by the canals of Venice before your gondola trip, the team seamlessly blends unexpected gems with the popular tourist destinations, all tailored to their clients’ interests – from arts, history and sports, to crafts, cuisine and more. This led to copy lines such as ‘finding that certain je ne sais quoi for your bespoke itinerary’, and ‘adding the joie de vivre to your holiday’. Their brand is summed up by the line ‘beautifully bespoke travel’ as their itineraries highlight the beauty in every destination.


The new visual brand took as its starting point the core idea of ‘finding the unexpected amongst the expected’, whilst ‘highlighting the beautiful’. The chosen visual concept uses the elegant modern serif typeface Playfair Display, selected for its links to 18th Century European history, as well as its contrasts in font weights. It meant we could visually highlight the unexpected within the expected using the brand typography. 


Inventing Itineraries’ previous marque was a monogram, so we created a new customised version based on the bold italic lowercase ‘i’ in Playfair Display. The elements of their new symbol became their graphic language – the oval containing iconography or photography, and the two i’s being extended into a device to underline copy or frame imagery. 

This visual toolkit was used to unify their communications, from the new website to client presentations and itineraries.

Inventing Itineraries

Julia Woollams

Verbal narrative
Julia Woollams


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