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Brand identity and website for socially responsible impact investment advisory

Growthcap raises funds for environmentally and socially conscious businesses and gives strategic advice to build a better world – their aim is a positive impact on people and the planet to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


With the organisation’s strong ethos it felt appropriate to create the new visual identity around the natural world.

Growthcap's advisers work with change-makers, impact investors and entrepreneurs on projects of all scales from grassroots to boardroom. This sense of scale is reflected in the brand photography where either macro shots of nature or aerial shots of the environment are used.

The symbol which forms part of the new logo represents the world, as well as implying a circular economy. The symbol is also used as a graphic device to highlight elements of growth or change in photography. These elements are combined across communications materials from the website and presentations to stationery and moving image.

Julia Woollams
Aaron Burden
Linda Marie Caldwell
Tom Fisk
Oliver Sjöström
Gilberto Olimpio
Pok Rie
David Roberts
Thomas Somme
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