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Dearnsdale Fruit

Brand identity and website for UK berry producers

Dearnsdale Fruit is owned and run by a dedicated family of farmers in the Staffordshire countryside who use state-of-the-art technology to sustainably grow, pick, pack and distribute strawberries and raspberries to UK and international supermarkets. 

The new verbal narrative focuses on Dearnsdale Fruit being centrally located, summarised by the line ‘Producing world-class berries from the heart of the UK’. Thus the chosen visual identity utilises an iconic heart symbol to form a two-tone berry that hints at the different varieties of fruit they grow.

The characterful serif typeface Lora was chosen for the logo and headline fonts because of its modern, classic feel, as well as online legibility, but also as it has an extended glyph set to accommodate translations into Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian and Russian for the new website.


The symbol becomes a versatile element of the identity – from a graphic detail to sign off headlines or an asterisk in copy, to a location marker on a map. 

Dearnsdale Fruit

Julia Woollams

Verbal narrative
Julia Woollams

Benedict Wilkins

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