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Online visual identity for the annual theatre festival

Croydonites is a festival of theatre and performance which has been showcasing local and national contemporary artists in the London Borough of Croydon since 2015.

The 2023 edition of the festival is supported by the London Borough of Culture, which enabled the organisation to refresh their online comms with a new visual identity.

We created a bold and simple style, leading with a condensed stencil font (from the Big Shoulders type family). The stencil was selected to echo the gaps between the bars in the Croydonites logo, as well as to emulate its condensed format.

This was paired with a 'stencil' photo corner designed to match the font, which, along with the font, pinned the events photos to the page.

The visual identity launches the festival promotion with a new website and a suite of social media assets.

Croydonites Festival of New Theatre

Julia Woollams

Matt Austin
Christa Holka
Lukasz Izdebski

Performing arts
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