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Climate Change All Change

Visual identity for V&A climate exhibition and charity identity evolution

Brands are ever-evolving entities which adapt to changing contexts, and this project very much demonstrates this. Climate Change All Change can be discussed in two distinct parts. 


In early 2020 we were approached by architecture and design practices David Lloyd Jones Associates and DaeWha Kang Design to create the exhibition visual identity for ‘Climate Change All Change’. The exhibition showcased architectural solutions to the climate crisis, co-created by the Year 5 children of William Tyndale Primary School and DaeWha Kang Design. This creative partnership was a pilot for a wider future collaborative project, and the exhibition was designed to bring to life the imagination of children – displaying their stories and visions for a world in 2050 affected by climate change. The architects’ work exhibited, interpreted some of the children’s most intriguing designs.


The exhibition was due to take place at the V&A in April 2020, but of course was unable to open because of Covid. However the exhibition space was realised digitally for people to explore online (see below). 


The logo and graphics took inspiration from the circular and modular elements in the exhibition design – the former symbolising planet Earth and the latter echoing the collaborative nature of the project. 


Since the pilot project David Lloyd Jones Associates and DaeWha Kang Design have worked on many more partnerships between primary schools and designers of different disciplines, to discuss the impact of the climate crisis and propose solutions for a better future. The two practices have now formalised their work as a charity, under the original exhibition name. 


This is where the second part of the project began, as Climate Change All Change approached us in early 2023 to evolve the exhibition identity into a brand that would work effectively for them as a charity.


The shift in audience was the most significant driver for the identity evolution, as the primary communications were teaching tools for school children. 


We set about refreshing the logo to be legible at smaller sizes, and expanded the colour palette for distinction between communication materials. We selected a new typeface (Inter) which was reminiscent of Helvetica Neue (the typeface that was used originally) but felt friendlier as well as more accessible (as it’s free to download for teachers). 


We worked on a bold graphic language to appeal to children, which included a visual shorthand using icons – we sourced an off-the-shelf set so the charity could widen the icon bank as and when needed. Finally we worked with the in-house communications team to bring the teaching resources and their social media to life, as well as to create a website using the evolved identity.

David Lloyd Jones Associates
DaeWha Kang Design

Julia Woollams
Andy Webb

Web design
Dream Abstract

Exhibition film and photography
Walter Finch

Exhibition film animation

Exhibition star field illustration
John Cox

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