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PokerStars were a late entry gaming site into the UK with low market share at 19% of the poker landscape. The product was only available on desktop at this time and no social media activity was taking place.



The project was to create a UK marketing strategy to not only take the brand to a number one position with market share, but to also reinvigorate poker, driving a new audience to the game whilst reducing spend and growing profitability.


Campaign Activity

  • TV advertising and TV programming (including a partnership with Channel 4)

  • Creation and launch of new mobile apps and software

  • Rollout of a cost efficient PPC, digital and mobile strategy

  • Live event creation and social media content plans

  • PR campaigns and sponsorships to build brand awareness and trust

  • Celebrity endorsement deals and social media influencer partnerships


The key to all the campaigns was to align the brand as a sport. To ensure that they not only tapped into the creative delivery of marketing materials in this fashion, but also that they built relationships with key media, sporting personalities, and the blogger community to give the brand a credible voice within the industry.



PokerStars achieved 48% marketshare (no.1 position) and went on to do this in a number of countries around the globe. All KPIs were achieved. PokerStars are currently the world's largest poker site and were sold to Amaya Gaming for $4.9 billion.

Marketing director
Angela Martin
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