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Small Business Support

Brand identity for the Small Business Support team of the international financial institution, the EBRD.

The team needed a more consistent way of communicating with small businesses across their regions, which covered more than 25 countries, from Albania to Mongolia.

The materials had to be easily translated into 15+ languages, so a straightforward verbal brand for key copy lines was required. The phrase ‘know-how’ worked well as it was universally understood.


These ‘know-how’ phrases were then paired with bespoke icons (from a set of over 80), so the many regional offices could create their own on-brand materials with specially programmed Microsoft Word templates.

The brand launched with printed and online materials, as well as an animated film.

The Small Business Support team also focus on special projects which cut across all business sectors, such as women in business. So their brand was developed for this project to include a new website, film, and printed items, to encourage women-led businesses to gain the advice and support of the EBRD.

The brand evolved further for an Impact Report on small business, which combined the brand's graphic style with photography and videography to create an on and off line report, as well as an explanatory new film.

Branding and design
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
Julia Woollams
Creative director/Agency
Michael Johnson/Johnson Banks
Ian Jones, Martin Shannon
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