New visual brand for a Charitable Trust set up to empower individuals and groups to create a fairer and kinder society.


The Trust distributes funds to charities and charitable causes. The charities selected often have innovative approaches to the problems that they seek to alleviate, and a focus on empowering individuals with an aim to promoting societal change.

The logo contains a hint of ‘Pegasus’, and thus focuses on the sky (Pegasus’ environment) and what the sky represents – inspiration, freedom, and open-mindedness.

On second glance the skyline is reminiscent of an umbrella, as the aim of the Trust is to help many charities and charitable causes – supporting different areas of society. The ‘us’ is emphasised in ‘Pegasus’ as their support is only possible by working together.

Branding and design
Pegasus Charitable Trust
Julia Woollams
31% Wool

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