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Tiger Mimic

Visual identity for pop/rock band Tiger Mimic.

The visual style needed to evoke a feeling of opposites, from bright and dark, to pop and macabre, to tie in with the band's unexpected lyrics.


A slash was embedded in the logotype to symbolise this flip-flop of themes.


The angle is then used as a graphic device through the visual identity. Bold colours and striking imagery are also employed to bring the themes alive.

We collaborated with the the band’s guitarist and singer Bram Johnson (who is also a talented illustrator) on the launch trio of singles.


Bram had created a triptych of surreal paintings that visually linked the singles together, which we then turned into the single cover artworks.


You can read more about Bram's process in our interview on 69% Chat

Branding and design
Tiger Mimic
Julia Woollams
Bram Johnson
31% Wool
Bram Johnson
Alan Wells
Robert Alleyne
Rhiannon Cobb
Don Blandford
Robyn Skinner 
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