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Femme Fatale TV

Brand identity for a network of female and non-binary creatives working in the music industry.

Femme Fatale TV is a sisterhood of creatives who make music on their own terms in genres spanning pop, rap, R’n’B, grime, folk, rock, classical and more.


The network empowers female and non-binary creatives working in grass-roots music to develop their careers, helping them commercialise their talent and establish their own successful businesses, in order to facilitate a fairer future for all in the music industry.


The verbal and visual brands are intertwined – double F word pairs lead the brand language as a mnemonic device, and the brand symbol is composed of two overlapping different style F shapes, symbolising the variety, collaboration, and freedom of the network of creatives.


The Fs and the exploded elements of the symbol become the toolkit of graphic shapes which bring the visual brand to life across all Femme Fatale TV’s communications.

You can read more about the organisation from the founders on the Croydonist blog.

Branding and design
Femme Fatale TV
Julia Woollams

Verbal narrative
Julia Woollams


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