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Brand identity for our community project – a cultural site showcasing the best bits of Croydon culture, from cocktails and cuisine, to quirky culture and cool Croydon people.


The south London town and borough has historically been negatively portrayed by the UK media, so the Croydonist launched as an antithesis to this – to promote Croydon in a positive light, highlighting the myriad of interesting and unusual things taking place there.

The logo symbol, designed to work well at small sizes for social media, is based on a bird’s eye view of Croydon’s most iconic building – No. 1 Croydon – a Richard Seifert modernist skyscraper from the late 60s.


The symbol is intentionally simple so it can be adapted for the brand’s graphic language – from an image container on a business card, or typography for a birthday campaign, to being part of the graphic image for a piece on International Women’s Day.


The symbol, used as a sign-off on social media posts, is accompanied by a strong verbal and visual style to stand out on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels. The headline copy is as important as the lead image in promoting each published article.

The social media post designs occasionally become graphic devices themselves to celebrate special events such as the Christmas gif below.


The Croydonist has built a strong presence in the community, and has now branched out into other media in addition to digital, collaborating with partners on a regular basis – for example running cultural walking tours, promoting local literary competitions, featuring regularly in a borough newspaper, creating artist charity Christmas cards, hosting gig nights and we have also launched a music festival (See more on Cro Cro Land here).


We also curate a bimonthly social media showcase of work from Croydon-inspired artists.

Branding and design
Julia Woollams
31% Wool
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