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Evolving visual identity for disco-punk band Bugeye

The brand adapts to fit the themes in their music, with each release having its own visual genre.


The ‘Is this love’ EP focuses on 80s typographic vernacular, reminiscent of audio and VHS tape packaging from the decade.


The ‘Wake Up’ single and associated campaign material evoke the anarchic feel of the 1970s.

Bugeye's debut album ‘Ready Steady Bang’ and single releases 'Don't Stop', 'When The Lights Go Out' and 'Blue Fire' tackle subjects such as climate change, addiction, and consumerism. With a myriad of recurring societal themes a DIY collage aesthetic seemed appropriate, with a nod back to Peter Blake's iconic Beatles cover from the sixties, when these subjects were already being discussed.

Illustrator Kate Marsden then created the Ready Steady Bang merchandise taking inspiration from the album cover art.

To celebrate the first anniversary of their debut album the band collaborated with 7 other artists on a charity remix version raising money for The Magpie Project. We ‘remixed’ the original album cover art and single cover art for ‘Don’t Stop’ for the new release.

Branding and design
Julia Woollams
31% Wool
Collage photography
Ready Steady Bang: Ann Kathrin Bopp, Charu Chaturvedi, Harrison Haines, Rory Hennessey, Kaboompics, Oleg Magni, Vicko Mozara, Nathan Nelson, Neonbrand, Aleksandar Pasaric, Pixabay, Brian Yurasits. Don't Stop: Richard Brutyo, Carlos Caamal, Sebastian Coman, Steve Johnson, Kaboompics, Ajeet Mestry, Pixabay, Kari Shea, Tai's Captures,, Wesley Tingey, Scott Webb. When The Lights Go Out: Spencer Davis, Frans Van Heerden, Pixabay, Johannes Plenio, Jeremy Thomas, Ahmad Syahrir. Blue Fire: Rory Hennessey, Alex Kondratiev, Dan Meyers,, Jeremy Thomas, Sergi Viladesau.
Kate Marsden
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